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The Transformational Leadership Program (Africa) was formerly known as the “RLS Fellowship and Mentorship Programme”. The programme began with financial support from Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung’s special initiative on forced migration in East Africa, through the East Africa Regional Office.

The fellowship and mentorship programme is informed especially by the findings of two studies commissioned by RLS. The first study, undertaken in 2015 by University of Nairobi’s Institute of Climate Change and Adaptation (ICCA), analysed climate change and its role as a catalyst for conflicts and forced migration in Kenya.

What People Say


“After the programme, I have been able to influence a policy on education in Mombasa County.”

Anne R.O.

“I have been able to organise community outreach events on the importance of public participation in my Ward, and lead my community in demonstrations against poor state of the roads in 18 February 2018.”

Grayson M.

“I have been able to Launch “Mwafrika Mwenzangu”, which is a political accountability platform that focuses on citizens’ access to, and participation in, political processes, especially young people and Women. We had our first street café event on 8 March 2018.”

Irene W.

“The programme has helped be make progress in de-ethnising the University of Embu students and training the students to be ambassadors of peace”

Lawrence K.

“The programme prepared me and armed me to organise better and created a platform for me to be more professional in my Activism work and planning and organising work.”

Marylize B.

“After the programme, I got a space in which I am working towards creating a creative hub for they youth, and became the initiative brand in the largest mobile company in the region.”

Wanjiku K.

“The exposure and knowledge I got from the fellowship brought so much light to my business as a leader and made me a more focused leader. I have engaged and lobbied the County Government of Kisumu to consider and enhance youth agenda in their development priorities.”

Abisai N.

“I learnt a lot of leadership skills and got to know how to be a more responsible leader. The programme program inspired me to start writing after a long while.”

Eldah T.

“Through this programme, I have learnt a lot about leadership. The programme is so good…we have learnt so much we did not know. We thought we were on the right track, but it has opened our minds to a great extent.”

Salome W.

“I am thankful for the training I got – it was one of the best and I really learnt a lot about leadership which I will apply in my community and transform other youth to potential leaders.”

Editar O.

“I have gained a lot of good knowledge on many things about leadership and enjoyed great lessons from good jovial mentors. Glad to be part of a motivated team. I am grateful to the programme for the best care, education and mentorship.”

Joseph E.

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