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Lazarus Nolasco Kubasu

Lazarus Nolasco Kubasu

Lazarus is currently Senior Social Specialist consultant with World Bank’s funded Government of Kenya’s project Kenya Water Security and Climate Resilience Program involved with twelve other consultants in the preparation and designing of large water infrastructure projects in the country. On the project is the social safeguards specialist, ensuring that both environmental and social impacts are well managed. On a part-time basis, Lazarus also doubles up Senior Fellow in the Research and Development Department at Ecosystem Social Economic and Development Organization (ESEDO) working on both empirical and theoretical links between climate change, environmental degradation, human security, societal stability and violent conflict. He researches on trigger cascading events and critical tipping points in climate-society interaction. He has written extensively on natural resources institutions, climate securitization discourse and assessed various conflict constellations as regard natural resources. Recently, he has been involved in helping County Governments through Council of County Governors to push for devolved unit spaces in Natural Resources Bills – Forestry, Water, Wildlife, Mining Petroleum and Energy.

Lazarus is also working as a Conflict Consultant with Rose Luxemburg Foundation (RLF) undertaking countrywide conflict assessment and developing the policy brief on Government intervention to address conflict. Besides, he has worked as Conflict Management Specialist with USAID/ARD Tetra Tech Company working in the area of land law reform and mediating land conflicts, inter-ethnic conflict, political violence, property rights issues, natural resource conflict, water conflict, post-conflict stabilization and resettlement of Mau IDPs. During the implementation of USAID/PROMARA program, he helped reached out to over 200,000 youths – organizing them in youth congress platforms to peacefully engage with Government, themselves and political class, one of the success of that engagement is 30% preferential access of Government procurement to youths and women. On a number of occasions he has been is involved with Geothermal Development Corporation (GDC) as energy projects conflicts consultant and the Kenyan Judiciary on issues of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) framework.

Previously, he was Conflict and Security advisor/consultant in Office of the President, National Steering Committee on Conflict Management and Peacebuilding (NSC) working on developing 47 County Peace and Conflict Profiles. This project researched, analyzed, consulted and developed one national and 47 County Peace and Conflict Profiles reports assisting County Governors to sharpen their County Integrated Development Plan to achieve peace, security and development.

As an administrator in Baringo County in 2007 – 2008, he helped put a framework for durable solution to protracted Pokot – Njemps conflict in Marigat and Mukutani divisions. In wake up of the Post-Election Violence, he worked from Rift Valley Provincial headquarters to coordinate peacebuilding and stabilization programs in whole of Rift Valley Province. During that time he worked on Kikuyu – Kalenjin conflict in Nakuru and Uasin Gishu counties; Pokot – Turkana conflict in Turkana and West Pokot counties; Pokot – Samburu conflict in Laikipia, Isiolo and Samburu counties; Turkana-Samburu – Borana conflict in Samburu, Isiolo and Meru counties. He also helped achieve significant progress in addressing these conflicts through formation of Provincial Peace Forum (PPF) – Rift Valley whose role included coordinating 60 District Peace Committees (DPC) and 50 District Security Intelligence committees (DSIC) with major funding coming from USAID, UNDP and Government of Kenya.

Lazarus has also worked with IGAD, DFID, Pricewaterhouse Cooper Limited, Cardno International, International Resource Group (IRG) among others.